About Chandler


Chandler Bouldin is a music producer who grew up in Hickory, North Carolina. Throughout his life, music is one thing that Chandler has always and will always be passionate about. He has spent many hours listening to the likes of Witt Lowry, Abstract, Oncue, and countless other talented rappers and artists. While most people enjoy music as a hobby and let it flow from one ear to the other with little thought, Chandler has always dissected every second of the music he listens to. From the vocals to the bass to the subtle snares, putting together the masterpiece that is a song has always intrigued Chandler.

Now living in Charlotte, NC, at only 21 years old Chandler is showing inspiring talent as a music producer. It seems that Chandler was born to work with music, and he plans to soon be producing music as a full a time endeavor. His beats often represent the types of songs he grew up listening to, but his talents continue to spread and evolve into more genres and styles. When Chandler isn’t making music, he’s doing some side-hustle in a warehouse, kicking a soccer ball, drinking beer with his homies, chasing tail, and just living life – all while listening to music of course.

As Chandler would say, “Let the Music Speak”.